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Want to grow your fashion brand?

  • Discover what thriving  fashion brands know & do consistently;
  • Avoid costly mistakes, by learning powerful "insider" secrets;
  • Create better products & price them profitably;
  • Find the right partner & manufacture with ease;
  • Generate more sales with less stress.
YES! I want to GROW my brand


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In this masterclass you'll discover how to turn your idea into a finished product.

Discover  the step by step process you need to follow to turn your idea into a physical problem, so you save time and money. You don't need to have a fashion degree to be able to realise your ideas into products people want to buy.

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Successful businesses are built on the right foundations.

In this masterclass you'll discover why it is important to know who your ideal client is; why you need to know and validating your target market; a step-by-step tips on how to define your  perfect customer and target market, as well as, examples of Perfect Customer Profile ...and more.

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Success doesn't just happen. It is planned for.

In this masterclass training you'll learn how to create a simple financial plan for your business; discover how to forecast your business operational costs; learn why it is important to plan ahead ...and much more.

If you don't make time to plan well at the start, you'll be making time later to firefight and problem solve. 

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In this masterclass you'll learn the secrets to profitable product price setting. 

Learn how to calculate your product cost price; how to set profitable  wholesale and D2C prices for your products; how to work out what your breakeven number is; how to work out your sales targets so you get to breakeven and beyond ...and much more...

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Just because you have a website doesn't mean people will know about you, let lone shop from you. 

In this training you'll discover the basics you must ensure your e-shop has, so it works properly. Learn how to make your website visible to the search engines, even if you are not techy; discover how to make your website more shop-able and how small changes you make can have lasting benefits...and much more.

Fashion trade shows are not what they used to be. To do them or not? That is the question for todays' brand CEOs.

Inside this training discover how fashion trade shows have changed; how to decide if doing a trade show is right for your brand or not; learn everything you need to know about the why, how, when and where of fashion trade shows; discover what the hidden costs of doing trade shows are and how to manage these. Learn how to budget if you are thinking of taking part in a trade show ...and much more.

Selling your products is like oxygen to your brand. If you don't sell enough, you won't have a business for long.

In this masterclass training you'll learn 17 different ways in which you can sell your products; wholesale and direct to customer ideas for everyone to out into practise easily; learn how you can use social media to sell more ...and much more.

Quality control can make or break your business.

Many fashion brands fail and file for bankruptcy because their product is not commercially viable and fit for purpose. They focus on quantity rather than quality. 

In this masterclass training learn how to set up your own QC process; discover how to ensure that the product you manufacture is of consistent quality; learn the common mistakes many brands make that cost them time and money...and much more.

Gain lifetime access to the trainings

"I went to fashion college and never learnt what you are teaching in these trainings. Million thank you's for making your knowledge and experience available"

"The Master class trainings are excellent." 

I cannot believe how much invaluable  information is packed in these trainings. Super well explained and easy to implement. Merci.x


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Just think how much more confident you'll be in your business once you have better knowledge, and the results you'll get from implementing what you know.

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One of the most important aspects that a creative designer or entrepreneur need in their life is...having the right information at their the right time...and at the right place in your business will save you years of evolution & growth.

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Access to the masterclasses is yours forever to watch and learn as and when you want to, from anywhere and at any time

Plus - additional templates and infosheets to help you get results faster. 

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Hey there, I’m glad you are here, wanting to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry.

My name is Dessy and in the past 20+ years, I’ve developed and manufactured thousands of products and collections for large and small luxury fashion brands, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

I've helped, mentored, and consulted hundreds of creative entrepreneurs on how to launch, grow, scale and problem solve their fashion brands and businesses. 

My mission is simple. I'd like to help even more fashion entrepreneurs succeed and turn their ideas and dreams into viable businesses.

Whether you are just starting out or already in the business of fashion, wouldn't you want to grow your brand with confidence? How would you feel if you can grow your brand knowing you have the right knowledge and tools, and experience success without so much personal sacrifice?

My goal is to mentor and advise the small percentage of entrepreneurs and fashion brand founders that have the fortitude and commitment to create a successful business on their own terms. 

This selection of masterclasses is the kind of knowledge fashion industry insiders use daily as part of their strategy for growth and success. Now you can have access to it too. Enjoy it!

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