1hr Breakthrough Power Hour

 Sooner or later, most creative entrepreneurs realise that they need support to grow their brand and business. However, smart, ambitious, high achievers like you know that the sooner you get expert support, the quicker you’ll be rewarded with amazing results.

The Breakthrough Power Hour call is a great way to "pick my brain" or get me on your team. 

In just 60 minutes, we can problem solve and/or strategize, so that you get the results you're looking for in your business.

If you are looking to problem solve, quickly gain clarity and brainstorm the best strategy forward, let's work together to achieve all this and more.  

As part of this call, you will get a video recording of the call, as well as a follow-up written summary and any other additional resources we may have discussed during the session.

Book Your Breakthrough Power Hour $375

“Dessy, the 1-hour session we had was amazing!

As you know, we are going to be launching soon and with your suggestions regarding the process and narrowing down my collection, prioritizing product drops, you’ve freed up at least £5,000 from my start-up costs. You’ve given me clarity - a clear plan that I can move forward with. As someone without manufacturing expertise, you made the session simple to understand and really taught me some valuable lessons in fashion, retail, and manufacturing."

Sherene Headley, Mokkha


"Working with you is pure pleasure because you are very specific, your communication skills are perfect, and you pass the clear message without sugarcoating and all this fluff. Having an accountability buddy in you motivates me to come out of my comfort zone and do what has to be done without overanalyzing and procrastinating. I also love the fact that I can discuss my ideas and concerns with you openly and honestly. "

Joanna Blein, FeelGoodCouture


6 Months Intensive

Real transformation happens over a longer period of time...

Over the course of a 6-month period I will give you personalised 1 to 1 fashion business mentoring (that just happens to come with lots of great training as well). Whilst the statistic that 90% of fashion startups will fail is very true... it doesn't have to be true for you and your business!

Over the course of 6 months, we will work on:

  • Strategy - get clear action strategies that are tailored to you and the brand you are building.

  • Support - Support that helps you transform yourself and your future business. 

  • Answers - No more jumping from blog post to youtube, googling endlessly, and not knowing exactly what to do next.

  • Coaching & Mentoring to spur you on to a massive action, even and especially on those days when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Training - on Marketing (that doesn't feel icky), Business Strategy (that inspires you), Product Development and Brand Positioning (so you stand out as the brand you know deep down you are). 

Apply for the 6 month Intensive

"Dessy took us on an insightful journey about niching and how to focus our business, design, and marketing efforts on our target. A lesson that small entrepreneurs often forget when they have to deal with more than one role in the company, but always crucial for businesses, especially those that have just started out. Also loved her down-to-earth and sincere approach to sharing her vast experience in the industry." 

Ana-Maria Grigoriu, LOFO

"I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t discovered Dessy. When I started my business I had no experience in the fashion industry.  Launching and building a brand is a minefield when you’re a start-up and Dessy’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the fashion industry was instrumental in getting my business off the ground. She is incredibly generous - both with her time and her expertise – and her support and encouragement, as well as her honest critique, has helped me get out of my own way more than once. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Dessy.  "

Rebecca H, HAF London